Monday, July 12, 2010

Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun: calm face of the new issue of

Recently, search for Lei Jun person who always told, "Mine always are foreign," while the Kingsoft CEO flying the United States, for a while went back, and each team with a dozen people.

"It was a completely different past market conditions, not with you personally to see, simply can not make it clear," May 18, had just told reporters that the board of directors Lei Jun, Kingsoft is facing a The new challenges of international issues.

Worked hard for in the country for nearly 20 years of Jinshan, this section of road has only just begun overseas.

Jinshan poor end of the day

In 1978, Zhang Xuan Long and his father co-founded the Hong Kong hand Kingsoft company, the choice is clear on the "Gold Mountain," a wealth of words placed on the expectations of contractors who would like, 10 years later, in 1988 the "Hong Kong Gold Mountain" was removed become a domestic "Kingsoft." After ten years, the "Gold Mountain" This piece is brought signs, "the banner of national software enterprises" reputation, crush outside Microsoft, there are pirated eroded, Jinshan limited income, available funds have never been comfortable.

Such a "poor life" until 2004. This year, Golden's first independently developed online game products, "Swordsman Online willing to" initial victory, the revenue to the company's overall earnings overnight Jinshan almost doubled; this year in August, the international e-commerce giant Asia Amazon announced the acquisition of Kingsoft's Joyo, buy gold in most of the 75 million dollars into the pockets of Jinshan.

This hands, are Lei Jun's editing software, "Jian Wang" is his main push of the project personally, excellence is founder of the website of his own. Lei Jun said the two events is one thing, find online games that direction, so give excellent; give up the excellence, to be more focused on online games, Jinshan common goal is to "money", increase revenue and improve return .

Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun

Jinshan in to "money" up and at the same time, Lei Jun itself is changing, too, because a small amount of outstanding shares held indirectly, Lei Jun was several million yuan in cash. Completion of the transaction that night, Lei Jun banquet guests, to each guest to send an ipod (Apple's music player). "So 'precious' gift of the past, no!" Jinshan Wang Feng, vice president of one of the evening's guests. Soon after, and worked nearly a decade of Feng Lei Jun Lei Jun habits found some subtle changes have taken place. "He became 'indisputable', and before any point of view and if the others do not, he will think of another way to convince each other, and now sometimes actually say 'you say also'!"

Quiet operation changed their mentality

Web2.0 is the year to the domestic network of the most popular topic, but this new concept has been out of Kingsoft Lei Jun technical seminar topics, the "I Tingzhi this study, but not on the company discussions, is very simple, we do not need new business innovation, we need to have a business in the direction of innovation. "Jinshan from top to bottom are for technology-based enterprises, the programmer-headed, so the" new technology "do not care really surprising.

"In the past we have the product, impatient and push a new one, if anything capable, less fear than others, too slow," said Lei Jun, the future will slow down, the key is to produce good products, good user experience "For example, online games," lying stories "originally schedule to be launched in May this year, but that product is also not perfect, we should also be able to, but the mentality has changed now, no hurry, or deferred to September's schedule ! "This results in the first half of the online games market schedule Kingsoft product vacancies occur.

"Then buy one," the first half of this year, Golden was a first choice agent games, "Xianlvqiyuan." As early as 2001, Jinshan has decided to enter the online games industry, but chose the independent R & D, this was delayed more than two years at the time. Qiu Bojun, chairman of the view that "it is more complex because of heavy Jinshan programmers, programmers will always see no need to spend money to buy things, make their own one will be better!"

Lei Jun told reporters, and now gaming revenues have accounted for the bulk of total revenue Jinshan, "WPS product growth, drug tyrants products is growing, but the game is growing faster, the game is not piracy." "Money" appears calm after the Jinshan up after the Jinshan calmly made a strategic effort need to slow arrangements: at home and stronger in the international big.

Usher in a new international challenges

In the development of international plan, the Jinshan's senior, the core intermediate has recently started studying the field frequently flew overseas. "One to ten people about the scale, you do not look at the ground, not saying do not know," just a few months, the LEI to the United States, South Korea, Qiu Bojun to the United States, Vietnam, vice president of office Kin to the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Wang Feng, vice president of another went to South Korea, the United States.

"Language, business habits, follow-up services, this is our problem," Lei Jun, the key is to own an international market must have a sense of "starting from the product planning, we should be able to think international market and sell it. "This idea of speaking a word, but doing it is a" beating "things, such as online games, in order to take care of" the cultural background of global Internet users, "Gold Mountain" after the main job of the three themes "because" more than three martial arts culture, ancient mythology more popular, "Before this, Jinshan's" Jian Wang "main martial arts," remake "based myth.

"Although difficult to feel, but one does not hurry, because this two years in international exploration, has won the first battle earned a lot of money," Lei Jun said Kingsoft online games products primarily in Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan markets record. This emboldened, still and "money" directly related.

鈻?Lei Jun's comments

CEO Position

CEO do the job, four points, the first results of the most important. Poor performance can not find an excuse to boss hired you to do any CEO, I hope you are creating value, change the value of your performance, you have to recognize the results. Second, to be diligent work attitude. You know, the world excellent CEO rarely done very easy, very easy to do if a CEO can only explain less intense market competition, at least in attitude did not work. The third point is honesty. Article IV, is to figure out their position, that he was a CEO, a work commissioned by the board of directors.

CEO and owner

And how to resolve friction boss, really it is a very complex issue. I think the first one, to that matter, can not be too full saying that too stiff. Then, the problem may be divided into two categories, first, the question of principle; second, non-principle. Non-principle problem, we need CEO restraint, to make a step, so the board so that the boss. With a matter of principle, the persuasion process, to pay attention to certain skills. Separately, such as how to persuade more attention to early communication, are important.


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